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Important PHP Tips & Tricks

While working on medium and big level project many developers faced problem related to speed up website. PHP is easiest language to learn and with new releases its getting better and better. To become better PHP programmer, we need constant improvement in terms of solutions we apply to regular code and optimize them more effeciently to reduce memory usage and improve site performance. Advantages of PHP is, it is most loved and widely used programm...View More

What is Trait?

As we know that, PHP supports Single Inheritance and multilevel Inheritance. Okay, but what about multiple Inheritance. PHP doesn't supports Multiple Inheritance.This is the basic drawback in it.So, what is the solution?Well, to overcome this problem we can use interface.Then how traits is different from interface. So, lets see what is the difference between interface and Traits interface Traits All the methods defined in the interface must be implemented in the class which implem...View More